Exterior Lighting Replacement

Process Results performed a detailed analysis of the exterior lighting systems at a paint manufacturer industrial facility. An audit was performed for the existing lighting on the site (both pole and building mounted), and LED replacement fixtures were selected based on efficiency and illuminance requirements. PRI conducted nighttime field measurements and point-by-point calculations to determine the appropriate replacement fixture models and wattages, secured pricing for all material and labor, and reported annual energy savings to facility personnel.


Scope of Work

  • Perform detailed investigation of existing exterior lighting systems.
  • Perform calculations and specify new light fixtures for replacement.
  • Secure pricing from contractors and suppliers.
  • Report estimated costs and savings.

Engineering Services

  • Lighting audit.
  • Point-by-point illuminance analysis.
  • Material specification.
  • Assisted with material and labor procurement.
  • Assisted with review of lighting controls throughout facility.

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Project Manager:

Dale W. Niethammer, P.E.

Dale is Senior Principal and Vice President with expertise in mechanical engineering and project management for educational, energy management, commercial, industrial, laboratory, and chemical industries.

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