Ethyl Silicate Manufacturing

Process Results, Inc. teamed with a major manufacturer of ethyl silicate products to provide configuration of PLC based controls for a batch distillation system. Using the ISA batch control standard (S88), the process cell was broken down into a hierarchy of process units, equipment and control modules. Sets of master recipes were implemented on the PLC, with specific control recipe set points entered on the operator interface. An intuitive "touch-for-detail" interface was implemented to allow the operator to gain more detailed knowledge of the units and equipment, including a flexible process variable graph and PID controller interface. During production, data is logged to a networked file server, allowing information to be combined with laboratory results and operator notes to create custom batch reports and summaries.

Scope of Work

  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual batch operation.
  • Distillation controls.
  • Product transfers.
  • Tank venting and purging.
  • Clean-in-Place.

Engineering Services

  • Detailed electrical and controls design.
  • Automation requirements identification based on management and operations requirements.
  • Operator interface design.
  • Data logging to Local Area Network (LAN).
  • Logic controller (PLC) program design and implementation.
  • Writing operation and maintenance manual.
  • Check-out and start-up.
  • Operator and maintenance training.

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Project Manager

Jóhann Emilsson, P.E.

Jóhann is Principal and Vice President with a diverse background in project management and electrical engineering. His design expertise includes the installation of control systems, industrial electrical equipment and instrumentation for general purpose areas through explosive, hazardous and classified areas.

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