Chemical Facility Upgrade

The Chemical Facility Upgrade project involved the planning, design, installation and startup of a $3 million facility to produce, bottle and package a variety of chemical products. Building modifications were required to house and contain hazardous chemicals and provide for an explosion proof environment. The facility featured automation of blending, bottling and cleaning operations which provided for improved processing times and quick switchover of product lines.

Scope of Work

  • Tank truck loading/unloading.
  • Raw material storage.
  • Metered liquid/powder additions.
  • Blending.
  • Finished product storage.
  • Bottling.
  • Clean-in-Place piping tanks.
  • Wastewater/washwater collection.
  • Automation.
  • Dust collection/air scrubbing.

Engineering Services

  • Conceptual design and cost estimate.
  • Preliminary design and cost estimate.
  • Detailed design and specifications.
  • Equipment/instrument procurement.
  • Bid and bid evaluations.
  • Hazop review.
  • Automation design and programming.
  • Checkout, startup and commissioning.
  • Operator training.
  • Project cost control.

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Project Manager

D. Kevin Bingel, P.E.

Kevin is Senior Principal and President with expertise in industrial, commercial, municipal, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy renewable, education, food processing, video manufacturer, insurance and specialty industries. Kevin is responsible for all design, project management, construction management and start-up requirements.

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