Services Overview

Process Results engineering services consists of our eight-step project life cycle resulting in success with projects of all sizes and types in both the commercial and industrial sectors. We help design, build, integrate and manage projects. How? Our eight-step project life-cycle provides our clients with accountability from conception to completion.

3D laser scanning engineering services 3D Laser Scanning

Our 3D Laser technology produces incredibly detailed three-dimensional images of complex environments and geometries, and is provided to assist our clients with their documentation and design needs.


Architectural services and designArchitectural/Structural Engineering

Architectural and Structural services are provided using our relationship and experience with our business partners; effectively matching the engineering requirements with the project type, size, schedule and budget.

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Engineering services for automation control panelAutomation and Controls

Automation and controls services range from minor program or hardware modifications to enterprise wide planning and integration to existing automation and business systems.

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Engineering services for chemical and refinery industryChemical Engineering

Chemical process engineering services range from assisting our clients with specific design tasks to complete design of process / chemical facilities. 


Civil engineering services on secondary clarifierCivil Engineering

Civil engineering services focus on governmental entities such as Villages, Townships, Cities and Counties. A full range of services are provided: funding, planning, regulatory compliance, plans, specifications, and commissioning.

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Commissioning engineering servicesCommissioning

Commissioning provides the critical checks and balances to assure project quality and the orderly transfer of a project from the design and construction team to the owner and maintenance staff.  

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Construction Management services, design P&IDConstruction Management

Construction Management and construction assistance services are provided to assist our clients through the construction process. Services are tailored to meet our clients' needs on each specific project. 

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Electrical Power engineering servicesElectrical Engineering

Electrical engineering services range from design of standard building electrical systems to high voltage generation and distribution systems.

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Engineering services for Lighting savingsEnergy Conservation

Energy conservation services range from standard energy audit / site surveys to comprehensive system review, analysis and evaluations.

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Forensic engineering services for Building FireForensic Engineering

As investigative engineers, we are practicing licensed professional engineers trained to identify and define the technical unknowns of accidents and failures for insurance and legal communities.

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Mechanical Engineering serivces; HVAC workMechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering services range from design of a standard building to complex and/or custom mechanical systems.

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Our 8-Step Process

Process Results provides innovative engineering solutions from concept to commissioning. Engineering is a "process" and with listening to our customers, we provide successful results. We base our business on relationships, and have established an 8-step process to better control the project to meet the needs of our clients.

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Since 1991, we have helped our clients build a better, brighter future through knowledge, experience and technology.

Process Results provides expert consulting and technical services across a wide range of industries – commercial, industrial, municipal, educational and more. You can rely on our team’s extensive experience and proven know-how to deliver measurable results. We will design, build, integrate and manage your project from concept through completion.

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