Engineering Rates

Have you ever considered what affordable engineering rates are, and what is included in the engineering rates you pay? In our experience some companies feel engineering firms make a fortune based on the rates they are quoted. However, the standard billing rates include typical overhead expenses to provide the services required by clients. Such "typical" expenses include:

  • Office infrastructure - office rent/lease, IT infrastructure, utilities, etc.
  • Overhead personnel - financial, legal and marketing.
  • Engineering tools - software, reference materials, training, etc.
  • Insurances - health, workman's compensation, and project liability.
  • Specialized hardware - to accommodate programs needed for projects.
  • Specialized software - PLC programming, etc.

The above functions are necessary to be an effective and successful engineering company. Where the puzzlement comes in is the "extra" charges that are added during the project. Beware of the following charges:

  • Postage and mailing
  • Phone and fax charges
  • Working drawings necessary to execute design work
  • Engineering and CAD hardware and software.

Process Results, Inc. includes these services/charges in our standard billing rate so there are no surprises.

Our 8-Step Process

Process Results provides innovative engineering solutions from concept to commissioning. Engineering is a "process" and with listening to our customers, we provide successful results. We base our business on relationships, and have established an 8-step process to better control the project to meet the needs of our clients.

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PRI Clients

Process Results works with a wide range of companies. Each Principal has specialties providing expertise in the Chemical Process, Education, Facilities/Industrial, Food & Beverage, Health Care, Municipal, Emerging Technologies, Pharmaceutical, Green Technologies, and Commercial/Architectural markets.


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