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Energy Management engineering solutions Energy management markets consist of companies seeking energy savings, and have been an important segment to Process Results since being founded in 1991. Energy conservation has become increasingly important for companies to stay viable in today's competitive marketplace. Through a mixture of proven technology and innovative engineering solutions, Process Results has helped clients reduce their energy consumption.

Process Results has developed long standing relationships with companies to meet their goals of reducing energy costs such as the University of Michigan by meeting the ENERGY STAR program requirements. For over a decade the Process Results Energy Management Group has assisted the University of Michigan in conducting three separate campus-wide energy audits. Under each of these audits the focus was centered on the five phases described under the ENERGY STAR program:

  • Green Lights (lighting retrofit): Replacing existing inefficient lighting with new energy efficient lighting and adding controls.
  • Building Tune-Up: Ensuring that existing systems are operating correctly.
  • HVAC Load Reduction: Inspecting the building’s envelope (windows, roof, entryways, etc.).
  • HVAC Distribution System: Optimizing or replacing the fan, pumping and control systems.
  • HVAC Plant: Optimizing or replacing chillers and boilers, reducing outdoor air intake etc.

Rebuild Michigan Partner

The State of Michigan has initiated the Rebuild Michigan program to promote increased energy efficiency within local communities. Process Results has partnered with this effort to provide Technical Energy Analyses (TEAs) for interested public institutions. TEAs focus on helping the client reduce their utility demand, yielding various benefits:

  • Cost savings
  • Improved building quality
  • Environmental protection

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Through a joint venture with the University of Michigan, Process Results developed a unique computer application, Forecast IT, which enables the customer to forecast the energy load on a weekly basis in half-hour increments. This allows the customer to purchase supplemental power at optimum rates, and avoids over- or under- ordering of power and related premiums. Forecast IT is web-enabled and utilizes data from the National Weather Service in its complex calculations.


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Process Results works with a wide range of companies. Each Principal has specialties providing expertise in the Chemical Process, Education, Facilities/Industrial, Food & Beverage, Health Care, Municipal, Emerging Technologies, Pharmaceutical, Green Technologies, and Commercial/Architectural markets.


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